About Us

Following successful sales on Ebay, the website knifeman.co.uk was created in 2001 by Roy Griffin from his home in London, for the retail sale of knives by Cudeman of Spain.

Just to remind you of other important events in that year.

So 2001, was quite an important year, especially for us at knifeman. Sales were continually rising on the Ebay channel and internet sales began to take off, with the new website proving a hit with customers, both new and existing.

In 2009, knifeman's main sales outlet, Ebay UK, were ill-advised about knife crime, but nonetheless, under pressure, took the decision to ban the sale of knives, of any description, apart from table cutlery. Of course this didn't stop the sale of knives to UK customers, from their international sellers. This was a huge blow for knifeman, because, Ebay sales, were the cornerstone of knifeman's turnover, a sales channel which was never replaced..

With dwindling sales and an increase in business from his other internet interests, Roy decided to sell-up and knifeman changed hands in April 2016, purchased by Derek Emery and ran part time, from his home in Penzance.

With the need for a modern approach to knife sales, a new website was launched in February 2018, with the addition of kitchen knives and utensils, from Sanelli Ambrogio, a well established, 150 years old, manufacturer from Italy.