Kitchen Knives

Posted by Derek Emery on

So after a successful 16 year run of selling Cudeman hunting knives, via the website, it was time to expand the range and look for new markets. Now for the dilemma, does knifeman import knives from different manufacturers of hunting knives? Or expand in a different direction? What about kitchen knives? Unlimited outlets, using knives as their everyday tool, different tools for different jobs and at every price point. Unfortunately, Cudeman do not make kitchen knives, so the search was on to find a quality range which offered exceptional value for money. Bewildered by the choice, should knifeman go with the flow and order in knives from the established European makers: F.Dick, Victorinox, Wüsthof, Zwilling J A Henkels, Arcos, or perhaps go Japanese, with Global or Shun. Perhaps, knifeman should take the maverick view and try an established maker, yet to find its way into the UK market? And so the search began.....

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