Chef;s 30 cm or 12" Forged Fork From The Chef Range By Sanelli Ambrogio

Chef's Forged Fork 12 inches or 30 cm From The Chef Range By Sanelli Ambrogio

  • £26.95

An essential professional tool for every kitchen, this 30 cm, 12 inch, forged chef's fork from Sanelli Ambrogio, is forged from a single piece of steel for perfect balance and comfort. Made from high grade, stainless steel, with twin sharp prongs, 18 cm, for the safe handling of hot foods, or to aid in carving meats. The handle, made from POM, a resin substitute, is firmly attached with three rivets and is shock proof and hygienic. A classic design, the chef's fork, is constructed using the latest technology and is hand finished by craftsmen.