Flexible Filleting Knife 7 Inches or 18 cm From Sanelli Ambrogio's Supra Range

Product code: S351.018
For those fiddly filleting operations, this flexible filleting knife, easily slices along the fillet of fish, chicken or meat, ensuring clean and economically obtained fillets. The razor sharp, flexible blade, finds its way around the bone, with ease. This 7 inch, 18cm,, flexible blade, filleting knife, with its razor sharp blade, easily slices through the flesh of fish, chicken or meat, to produce economical fillets, with minimal waste. Produced in Nitro B stainless steel, for great edge retention and ease of sharpening, corrosion resistance and hygiene. The handle is ergonomically formed, for tireless professional usage, shock resistance and is dishwasher safe. A must have tool for fishmongers, cooks and every commercial kitchen.
Weight 0.097kg
Product Code S351.018
Brand Sanelli Ambrogio Supra