Flexible Fish Filleting Knife, 7 ins., 18cm From The Tecna Range By Sanelli Ambrogio

Product code: T351.018
The Tecna range from Sanelli Ambrogio, is a professional quality, high tech collection of knives, from a manufacturer with more than 150 years experience in knife manufacture. The 7 inch, 18cm, flexible blade, of this filleting knife, easily slices through the flesh of fish, for economical production of fillets. The blade is made from Nitro B, a quality stainless steel, which has exceptional edge retention, easily sharpens and is corrosion resistant. The handle has a dimpled thermoplastic rubber outer, surrounding a rigid inner core, for non slip comfort. This knife is a must have tool for commercial kitchen use.
Weight 0.1kg
Product Code T351.018
Brand Sanelli Ambrogio Tecna