Sanelli Ambrogio Master 15 cm Filleting Knife

Flexible Fish Filleting Knife 15cm From The Master Range By Sanelli Ambrogio

  • £29.99

A must have for every kitchen, the Flexible Fish Fillet Knife, from The Master Range, by Sanelli Ambrogio. Ideal for the preparation and filleting of fish, this flexible boning knife, easily moves along the skin and backbone.The full tang, flexible blade, is forged from a single piece of high quality, stainless steel, X50CrMoV15, corrosion resistant, with high cutting power and edge retention. The modern design handle, is ergonomic, non slip, hygienic, shockproof and dishwasher safe. Made from a thermoplastic elastomer, SEBS, for a long lasting and comfortable usage. An ideal tool for the professional kitchen.